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Frequency Applications for faster recovery, rehabilitation and prevention

  • TimeWaver since 2008

  • Made in Germany

  • Medical Device class IIa, CE certificated

  • For doctors, therapists, athletes and alternative practitioners

  • Addition to other methods

  • Combination of frequencies, microcurrent and knowledge

  • Broad range of applicabillity

  • 2 channels – condition and tissue

  • Reproduciable results

  • Over 30 years of experience of Carolyn McMakinwith FSM

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Frequency Specific Microcurrent(FSM)


Frequency Specific Microcurrent or FSM, is an electromedical method that applies about a thousandth of the current used in TENS; the current is below the perception threshold and similar in strength to that produced by the body itself in each cell and in every tissue.


The human body is a quantum biological system. We are made up of atoms, molecules and sub-atomic particles, all held together by electromagnetic bonds. There is a resonant frequency in every bond. Our bodies are a Electromagnetic system and our cells function as a semiconductor network.

2in1 Device

Goal: Improve self healing powers

IMF - Individualized Microcurrent Frequencies

  • Holistic approach on all levels

  • Information Field & IMF

  • Range: 0,1 Hz – 12 MHz

FSM – Frequency Specific Microcurrent

  • Carolyn McMakin

  • Channel A + Channel B Frequency Application

  • Range 0,1 Hz – 999,9 Hz

  • Faster recovery, rehabilitation and prevention

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